Sword, Inscription: Nobufusa-saku, includes Itomaki Tachi Koshirae

AddressYamagataken Turuokasi Kachushinmachi 10-18
  • National Treasures
  • Designated on February 29, 1952.

     Length: 76.1cm  Curvature: 2.3cm

    The Nobufusa-saku sword was presented by Ieyasu Tokugawa to the 1st leader of the Sakai Family (Shonai Domain), Tadatsugu Sakai, who was one of the four generals serving Ieyasu Tokugawa, in recognition of distinguished war service in the Battle of Komaki Nagakute in 1584. The Nobufusa is an excellent sword. It is the

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    most beautiful of Japanese swords, crafted in the swordsmith style, Fukuoka Ichimonji with a narrow body and high curve. The itomaki tachi koshirae (mounts) have also been designated national treasures.