Shonai Wooden Sake Vessel Collection

AddressYamagataken Turuokasi Kachushinmachi 10-18
  • Important tangible folk-cultural properties
  • Designated on May 29, 1964.

      Old, established families in the Shonai Region have carefully preserved many lacquered serving utensils in earthen-walled storehouses, including a wealth of different types of sake vessels. The celebratory sake vessels used to exchange gifts of congratulatory sake during wedding celebrations or festivals were especially beautifully crafted. It was an important utensil that often bore the family seal or family crest. The celebratory sake vessels that included types called sashidaru, usagidaru, tsunodaru, and kagamitaru were also referred to with different names spelled with letters representing good luck, such as “yanagidaru” (literally, “a lot of pleasures stay within the house”). In this region, many different wedding customs were practiced regarding sake caskets, including “tarushoi,” “taruire,” and “tarubiraki.”

     There are also numerous beautifully colored sake bottles and cups used for celebrations. Sake vessels for cherry blossom viewing and picnics also came in many shapes, attesting to the wisdom and creativity of the people who enjoyed high-grade sake in wonderfully designed vessels.

     The designated items are 38 casket-shaped sake vessels, 17 variegated sake vessels, 10 sake bottles/lipped bowls, and 12 sake cups.